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Hot Stream Waterfall 03.07.2010
Malaysian Border Run 03.07.2010
Scuba Diving on Koh Tao 03.07.2010
Our Worst Journey Yet, Bound for Island Paradise 03.07.2010
Chiang Mai – Flight of the Gibbon, Tiger Kingdom and more! 03.07.2010
Border Crossing from Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai by Bus 03.07.2010
Heading North to Beautiful Luang Prabang 03.07.2010
Bike Ride to Water Cave 03.04.2010
Tubing in Vang Vieng! 03.04.2010
A Warm Welcome from the People of Laos 03.04.2010
Detour to Bangkok on our way to Laos 03.04.2010
The Temples of Angkor 03.04.2010
Next Stop – Cambodia! 28.03.2010
A Trip Down the Mekong River 28.03.2010
A Backpackers Haven in Ho Chi Minh City 28.03.2010
Chu Chi Tunnels and the Brutality of War 28.03.2010
Sand Boarding in Mui Ne 26.03.2010
Tuc Tuc Man? Where you go? 26.03.2010
'You don't always get what you pay for' 17.03.2010
Hoi An – Tailor-made 17.03.2010
On the Move Again! 17.03.2010
3 Day Tour of Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island 17.03.2010
Touch down in Hanoi, the bustling capital of Vietnam 17.03.2010
Free Tai Chi Class (and another Big Buddha) 02.03.2010
Hong Kong – A Westerners Home Away from Home 02.03.2010
Happy New Year! (Chinese style) 23.02.2010
Hua Shan Mountain... 18.02.2010
Terracotta Warriors 12.02.2010
Train Travel in Style! 12.02.2010
The Summer Palace dressed in Winter Snow 12.02.2010
A Visit to the Forbidden City 12.02.2010
The Great Wall of China was... well... great! 12.02.2010
Train Travel During Chinese New Year 12.02.2010
Ni Hao Beijing! 12.02.2010
22 Hours and Counting 02.02.2010
Shanghai was a culture shock... 01.02.2010
All aboard the Su Zhou Hao! 31.01.2010
Lean on me 31.01.2010
Spa World! A must if you're ever in Osaka 28.01.2010
Nara is a nice place, and it has a BIG Buddha! 27.01.2010
Onwards to Osaka! 26.01.2010
Unity between the old and the new 25.01.2010
Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot 24.01.2010
Bumpy start in Tokyo, but it's all good, it's all good. 23.01.2010
Our Intended Route 03.01.2010
So this is it... 30.12.2009